Begin your career in IDO Cloud

Optimal conditions

At IDO Cloud, we create simple and elegant solutions for complex IoT and IIoT systems. We guide clients through all stages of R&D projects and beyond. We build trust through knowledge, skills, stability, flexibility and care that our clients appreciate. We achieve this as a team because we offer the same values to our employees. Join our team and operate in a way that is optimal for you.

Join our team and work in the optimal way

years of experience in the field
experts in the team
satisfied clients
finished projects

Our areas of specialisation

Make modern user interfaces

Manage backends of complex apps

Link front-ends with backends and enjoy the effects of your work

Design and produce applications

Check if everything works fine

Design intuitive applications that users love

Create and manage big data bases

Direct the project from design to implementation

Why work with us?

  • High standard of the office
  • Well-equipped common areas
  • Convenient access, also by public transport
  • Great location in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park
  • Company’s knowledge base
  • Stack of professional books
  • Learning on regular base
  • Support of seniors
  • Ability to combine work and studies
  • Customers from all over the world
  • New technologies
  • Hight Quality of work
  • Comfortable conditions
  • Ergonomic chairs and desks
  • Multiple screens
  • Flexible working hours
  • Innovative tools

Join a team that passionately
builds solutions for the future

In a team where I once worked, tests were treated as a necessary evil and testers were treated as enemies of developers. The atmosphere here is different, and I feel that my work adds value to projects.

I work on really interesting, modern projects and I see sense in what we do as a team.

I like the way projects are carried out - I know what to expect at every stage.

I combine work and studies, and I can write my master's thesis based on one of the projects I am working on. Only pros, no cons!

There is no boredom here. I have the best colleagues and my bosses are helpful and understanding.

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