The independent time tracker

T-Tool is an independent time tracker ensuring transparency and fair billing for both employees and clients. It integrates with various external systems and provides comprehensive functionality for project management. 

How long does it take to create the future?

Renowned management expert Peter Drucker said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” We encountered the problem of how to effectively measure and manage time relatively early. For us, as a company producing innovative products, time is one of the most important resources. We manage it prudently and economically.

On the one hand, the quick implementation of changes determines the competitive advantage of our contractors. On the other hand, the process of designing prototypes and then developing finished products often requires many iterations to refine important details. Transparency in the settlement of such projects is extremely important to IDO Clouds. Thanks to this, we build trust both with our clients and within the team.

A T-Tool screenshot depicting user's view of timer function.

Why did we create T-Tool?

Transparency and fair settlements, both with employees and customers, were the driving forces behind our actions. We needed a tool that would meet a number of conditions. There are many options available on the market, but none of them meet our requirements. Most of them:

  • is adapted to a limited number of tasks and does not include, for example, connection with external systems, such as access control to the building;
  • it’s ugly and complicated. They require longer training and are inconvenient to use;
  • only has options for reporting time spent on tasks, and does not include, for example, free time or vacation management;
  • is SAAS software. They only integrate with other programs released by the same developer. Combining them with other tools causes errors or is simply impossible. If you want to expand the capabilities of your software, you must use the imposed patterns. Even small changes can be a problem.

So we decided to create software that would meet the following conditions:


We work with various clients, adapting to the tools they use. The tracker uses data from various systems. In case of changes, we can quickly adapt it to new requirements.


Because the system is integrable, it does not limit our choice. We use tools that really fit the project, rather than trimming the requirements to fit the hardware capabilities.


Quickly creating reports and views that allow you to easily assess attendance make project management easier.

Abilities of the system

Web interface

A minimalist and clear user interface is available through a browser, also from the phone. Easy to learn and use, it also has many options such as improving the log, distinguishing between breaks and pauses, information about days off to use, and more.

Widok użytkownika z podsumowaniem urlopu


T-Tool communicates easily via API with many popular tools. Examples of the most popular are:

  • GitLab
  • GitHub
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Bitbucket
  • Jenkins
  • Tettra
  • ProofHub
Logo aplikacji, z ktorymi integruje sięT-Tool, Jenkins, Confluence, Gitlab i Github. Tettra,, bitbucket i inne


Even when running many projects at the same time, we maintain order. Task administration is simple and transparent. At any time, from T-Tool you can go to files important for the project or indicate the task for which we report time.

Connection to the access control system

It is not only the automatic start of the timer when employees enter the office using access cards, which saves their time and reduces errors resulting from, for example, absent-mindedness. It is also an important element of the security system that allows you to monitor activity in the office.


When it comes to security, the multi-level access system for projects is worth mentioning. T-Tool allows you to:

  • Handing over the administration of a selected project to the most experienced team members without having to grant administrative rights to the entire system.
  • Sharing reports and files of a specific project with the client without compromising the data security of other clients.Widok edycji repozytorium
  • Avoiding mistakes resulting from abuse of permissions by new employees, e.g. accidental deletion of important files.
  • Employee privacy protection. Only specific people with appropriate training in data protection have access to personal information and settlements.

Widok podsumowania godzin dla pracownika

The effect?

We have created a tool that we want and like to use. The introduction of T-Tool brought a number of benefits:

  • New employees need just five minutes to start using the program flawlessly.

Widok listy projektów

  • More advanced users like to switch between projects and trackers to reduce the time required to note how long a task took.
  • All necessary information about projects is collected in one system. This reduces information chaos and saves the time needed to complete tasks.
  • Project managers easily create reports for our clients, so we don’t waste time on formalities and focus on what’s really important – your project.
  • IDO Clouds managers constantly have insight into when employees are planning a vacation or a longer break, which makes planning work with clients much easier.

T-Tool, zrzut ekranu prezentujący dni wolne pracowników

Currently, we are still developing the T-Tool software, enriching it with further useful functions. One of the newest functions is the generation of complete reports for the needs of contracts of mandate and B2B contracts

A time tracker tailored to your needs

If you need a reliable tracker, ensures the security of your data, is easy to use and fits perfectly with the tools your company uses, contact us. We will adapt T-Tool so that you do not have to change anything in your existing processes!

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