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Ticketing System for Public Transport

Jadę! is a cloud-based ticketing system that facilitates the sales of various types of tickets for public transport. The system also dynamically converts multiple single-fare tickets into short-term passes. It allows users to pay with credit cards and register their tickets either on the credit card or a dedicated card linked to the account. For the travelers, using Jadę! means savings, and for operators – precise information about their clients.

Jadę! System Overview

Efficient public transport systems require streamlined ticketing solutions that cater to the needs of modern commuters. The Jadę! (I go!) cloud-based ticketing system aims to enhance user experience, improve accessibility, and promote cost-efficiency. Leveraging the latest advancements in cloud computing and digital payments, this system will provide a seamless and flexible ticketing experience.

1. Cloud Infrastructure

The system is hosted on a scalable cloud platform, ensuring reliability and the ability to handle peak loads. Key cloud services include:

  • Compute Services: For running application logic and managing user sessions.
  • Storage Services: Secure storage of user data, transaction records, and ticket information.
  • Database Services: High-performance databases for quick access to user and ticket data.


2. Mobile App

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation and ticket purchase process.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard & Account Management: Users can view their ticket history, manage their transport cards, and update payment methods.
  • AI ticket fare calculation: Dynamic ticket handling that adjusts the type of ticket based on user activity and cost efficiency.
  • Notifications: Alerts for ticket expiry and low balance.
  • Online Support: Access to customer support and FAQs with the possibility to integrate chatbots.


3. Security and Compliance

  • Encryption: All transactions and sensitive data are encrypted.
  • Compliance: Adherence to PCI-DSS standards for payment processing and GDPR for data protection.


4. API Integration

  • Payment Gateway APIs: Integration with multiple payment gateways to support credit card transactions.
  • Transport System APIs: Interfaces with existing transport management systems for real-time ticket validation and updates.

Flexibility of payment and fare

1. Flexible Payment Options

  • Credit Card Payments: Users can pay for tickets using their credit cards, and the ticket is registered directly on the card.
  • Dedicated Transport Card: An option for users to use a dedicated transport card linked to their account, ideal for purchasing long-term passes.


2. Dynamic Ticket Conversion – Automatically converts multiple single-fare tickets into a short-term pass once the total cost exceeds the price of the pass, ensuring users get the best value for their money.

3. Comprehensive Ticket Types – depending on the fares that transportation providers order, any type of ticket may be purchased: single-fare tickets for occasional travelers, short-term passes for visitors and tourists, and long-term passes (eg. monthly or semestral) for regular commuters.

Benefits For Travellers:


Easy and quick ticket purchases and management.

Cost Savings

Dynamic ticket conversion ensures users always get the best value.


Multiple payment options and ticket types.

Benefits For Transport Authorities


Easy ticketing process reduces administrative overhead.

Data Insights & Revenue Optimization

Detailed analytics on user behavior, ticket usage & sales.

Cost saving

Transferring the purchasing process to users' devices relieves the burden on city infrastructure.


The Jadę! cloud-based ticketing system represents a significant advancement in public transport ticketing. By leveraging cloud technology, integrating flexible payment options, and introducing dynamic ticket conversion, the system aims to enhance the user experience, promote cost-efficiency, and streamline operations for transport authorities. This innovative approach not only meets the current demands of commuters but also positions public transport systems for future growth and scalability.

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