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Safety Alert System for Motorbikes

Safety System for a motorbike rental center enhances the safety of rented motorbikes and drivers by alerting owners when a bike enters a dynamically designated danger zone. The information may be then forwarded to the driver to warn them of the danger ahead. 

Due rising popularity of motorbike sports resulting in more inexperienced users trying to rent bikes and quads, a motorbike rental company was seeking a way to protect their assets and ensure riders’ safety. They asked us to develop a system that would notify the center and borrowers about the dangers in real time. We had to take into account the harsh environmental conditions and popular biking spaces being located often in secluded areas. This limited our options for signal processing. Other important factors were things that change rapidly, like weather and the locations of wild animals.

The elements of the system

Tracking device

It is a small tracking device that holds SIM card and GPS module, that is installed on the motorcycles. To lower the cost of production, we used an inexpensive solution that was already available on the market. However, we modified the casing to make it more robust and easier to fit on the quads and motorcycles. The tracker uses data from GPS and local base stations to provide real-time data about its location.

Rental system alert module

We integrated our software with the central system. This ensures ease of use, as the data are copied directly from the system, eliminating the need for rewriting by hand by the rental employee.  The module:

  • monitors the real-time location of all the rented motorbikes;
  • allows defining danger zones manually by creating a digital map with the dangerous spots marked, such as high accident areas);
  • collect data on motorbike usage and incidents. and analyze data to improve danger zone definitions and overall safety.
  • gather the available data from internal (see above) and external sources (data from the collars of wild animals, weather forecasts, and government announcements) to calculate danger zones;
  • notifies the employees each time the rented property enters the danger zone;
  • the alarm may be then forwarded directly to the borrower if they have the application installed (in the form of a push notification), or the rental employee may try to contact their client via phone call or SMS directly from the system if the borrower is out of reach.


Mobile application

Frequent borrowers are encouraged to install the bike rental application. Apart from the alarms, it allows one to see discovered dangers nearby, recommendations to riders on safe routes, and see rental history. The company also offers discounts available only via the application.

To ensure cross-system compatibility, we used React and Ionic framework to write the application as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

Benefits of the system

Increased Safety

Riders receive timely warnings about dangerous areas, reducing accidents. if the accident happen, providing help on the place is quicker with more precise localisation.

Asset Protection

Rental company can track and manage their fleet more effectively. Thefts are harder to commit.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Providing a safety-focused service can attract more customers and build trust.


Context-aware services, like advanced real-time monitoring and alert systems that we created, provide a competitive edge in the market. The motorbike rental company significantly enhanced the safety of their riders and the security of their assets. Moreover, the application which is a part of the service serves more than just an alert device. It helps build mutual trust between the team of our client and their customers.

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