Air Conditioner System For Laboratories

IDO Medlab AIR is an air conditioning and environmental parameter control system that meets demanding medical standards. The controller supports both local and remote operations by providing continuous and accurate monitoring of laboratory conditions.

IDO Medlab AIR – Air Conditioning Controller

Medical laboratories require precise control of environmental conditions to ensure the accuracy and reliability of change-sensitive tests and experiments. IDO Medlab AIR is a system proposed by IDO Cloud that is designed to meet demanding standards. It provides comprehensive monitoring and control of key environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, air pressure and light intensity. The controller supports both local and remote operations, ensuring continuous and accurate control of laboratory conditions.

Parameters that the device controls:


Maintain precise air temperature for optimal laboratory conditions.


Adjust and monitor humidity levels to prevent any interference with sensitive equipment and experiments.

Air Pressure Monitoring

Ensure stable air pressure, critical for specific medical tests

Light Intensity Adjustment

Control light levels to avoid any impact on light-sensitive experiments.

Device monitoring

Displays status of the device (Off, heating, cooling and the time when parameters are going to reach desired values).

Operation of the IDO Medlab AIR

The IDO Medlab AIR – Air Conditioning Controller is an advanced air conditioner controller based on another of our projects. This device allows for reading the aforementioned parameters in a room and controlling the heating/cooling device and fan.

The designed software allows for control and adjustment of the room conditions both on the controller itself and remotely, without needing direct access to the device.

The controller can be operated through graphical user interfaces (GUI) enabling local communication with the device (via a web interface and an LCD touchscreen), and remote communication with the device via the cloud.


Through the graphical user interface on the device (LCD display), users can configure the device’s network settings and the MQTT server, including:

  • Enabling/disabling DHCP
  • IP address
  • Subnet mask
  • Gateway
  • NTP server
  • Domain name
  • Cloud connection data


Used for local connection to the device. In addition to the aforementioned functionality of reading parameters and displaying historical changes graphically, the web GUI allows for:

  • Configuring the device’s network and server parameters
  • Managing users (adding/removing users with different permission levels)
  • Checking user activity logs


After registering the device, remote communication via the cloud is possible. A logged-in user can add/remove devices to the cloud. Added devices can be grouped, and the parameters of the group of devices can be viewed collectively. Users can also remotely control the devices and display operational graphs for multiple devices. The cloud also allows for adding/removing users with different permission levels.

Benefits for Laboratories

Implementing the IDO Medlab AIR in laboratories and other rooms that need carefully monitored conditions ensures:

  • Consistency: Stable and controlled conditions that are essential for reliable test results.
  • Remote Monitoring: Ability to monitor and control environmental conditions from anywhere, enhancing flexibility and response time.
  • Extended Testing Capabilities: Conduct long-term experiments with confidence that environmental fluctuations are minimized.

IDO Medlab AIR’s robust and flexible system enhances the operational efficiency and reliability of laboratories, making it an indispensable tool for modern research and testing environments.

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