A Smart Plant Watering Tracker

PlantQua is an intelligent application designed to help users track and manage the watering needs of their houseplants.

In recent years, indoor gardening has seen a surge in popularity, with many people adopting houseplants for their aesthetic, air-purifying, and mental health benefits. However, maintaining the health of these plants can be challenging, especially for novice gardeners who struggle to understand the specific needs of each plant. Overwatering or underwatering are common issues that can lead to plant deterioration.

Application Overview

Our client, a producer of goods dedicated to house plants, such as fertilizers, pots, etc., decided to address this problem while promoting their products. They asked us to develop PlantQua, an intelligent application designed to help users track and manage the watering needs of their houseplants. The QR code to the application is printed on the goods, making it available for all end clients.

PlantQua is a mobile application that assists users in monitoring and managing the watering schedules of their houseplants. The application connects to a cloud database with detailed information about various plant species, including their watering requirements based on type and height. The application calculates the optimal watering frequency for each plant in the user’s collection.

App Features

Plant Database Integration: PlantQua connects to a comprehensive cloud-based plant database that includes information about thousands of plant species. This database is continuously updated with the latest horticultural research.

Plant Search: The application helps to identify a plant species, variety, and cultivar based on the photos from the user’s camera.

Personalized Watering Schedule: The application generates a personalized watering schedule for each plant based on its species and height, ensuring that the plant receives the precise amount of water it needs.

The watering frequency for each plant is determined by several factors:

  • Plant Type: Different species have varying water needs. For example, succulents require less frequent watering compared to tropical plants.
  • Plant Height: Taller plants generally have more extensive root systems and may require more water.

After calculating the watering frequency, PlantQua generates a personalized schedule for each plant. This schedule is displayed in the application, allowing users to see when their plants need to be watered next. Users can also adjust the schedule manually if they observe changes in their plant’s health.

User-Friendly Interface: The application features an intuitive interface that allows users to easily look for and add new plants, view watering schedules, and receive notifications.

Data Synchronization: PlantQua synchronizes data across multiple devices, ensuring that users can access their plant information from their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Notifications and Reminders: Users receive timely notifications reminding them when it’s time to water their plants, helping them stay on top of their plant care routine. These notifications are based on personalized schedules and can be customized according to user preferences (e.g., notification time of day).

Technical Architecture


The frontend of PlantQua is built using React Native, which allows for cross-platform compatibility on both iOS and Android devices. The interface is designed with simplicity and usability in mind, featuring clean navigation and easy access to plant information and watering schedules.


The backend is powered by Node.js, providing a robust and scalable server environment. It handles user authentication, plant data management, and communication with the cloud database.

Cloud Database

The cloud database is hosted on AWS and utilizes Amazon RDS for MySQL. This relational database stores detailed information about each plant species, including their watering needs based on type and height. The database schema includes tables for plant species, user data, and watering schedules.


PlantQua represents a significant step forward in simplifying indoor plant care. By leveraging cloud technology and detailed botanical data, the application provides accurate and personalized watering schedules that help users maintain healthy and thriving plants. As we continue to innovate and expand its capabilities, PlantQua aims to become an indispensable tool for both novice and experienced plant owners.

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